ACP DevOps Engineer Exam Study Guide

In this blog, we will discuss in detail about Preparing ACP DevOps Engineer Exam. Are you interested in DevOps Engineer certification? You don’t know where to start? How to understand the topics covered in the ACP. We can see the step by step guide for DevOps Course availability, Voucher with Discounted price and exam pattern.

Alibaba Cloud Professional (ACP) DevOps Engineer Prep

You can find the DevOps Course material is available for the below

Alibaba Cloud Academy               DevOps Engineer Exam Preparation Course

E Learning                                     DevOps Best Practices

                                                       CI / CD with Alibaba Cloud Container Services

                                                       DevOps on Alibaba Cloud

                                                       KMS Introduction

                                                      Terraform Basics

Alibaba Cloud Professional (ACP) DevOps Engineer Real Exam pattern

No. of QuestionsQuestions TypeMarks
30 QuestionsSingle Selection TypeCandidate will get one mark (1) for correct answer
30 QuestionsMultiple Selection TypeCandidate will get two mark (2) for correct answer
10 QuestionsTrue/False TypeCandidate will get one mark (1) for correct answer

Alibaba Cloud Professional (ACP) DevOps Engineer Test

DevOps Practice Questions         Practice Question (Available Soon)         

Alibaba Cloud Professional (ACP) DevOps Engineer Exam Voucher

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Infrastructure as Code (10%)

                Infrastructure as code basic concepts

                Infrastructure as code tools (Terraform, ROS, GitLab and etc)

Monitoring and Logging (20%)

                Cloud Monitor to monitor the status of virtual machines and /or containers

                Log Services to collect logs from ECI / ECS

                ARMS or ARMS Prometheus to collect metrics from containers

Automated Delivery / Deployment (CI/ CD) (20%)

                Understand the basics of DevOps culture and work style

                Understand DevOps tools such as Jenkins, GitLab, Ansible, Chef, etc.

Security and Credentials Management (10%)

                Understand secrets management in the Alibaba cloud K8s service

                Understand Alibaba cloud general security (and monitoring) products like KMS and RAM

Containers and Kubernetes (20%)          

Demonstrate mastery of Containers (understand both the manual process of building, tagging, pushing, and pulling images, as well as the process for automatically triggering a build).

Demonstrate mastery of Container Service for Kubernetes (setting up clusters, secrets management, Deployment and Service basics)

HA Architecture (10%)

Understand what is required to build robust web applications with high availability (multi-zone architecture, automatic failover)

Event and Alert Management & Automation (10%)

Understand how collect logs and events from numerous sources including ActionTrail, Cloud Config, Log Service, and Cloud Monitor.

Understand how to alerts and events in services like Cloud Monitor to generate notifications in external tools such as Slack, as well as how to trigger actions via services like Function Compute.


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